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Californian white sage clusters 50g bag


California White Sage Clusters 50g bag improve the energy in your space.

White sage is burned like incense to cleanse and help remove negative energies from your home.

Sage is also know to have healing properties and has been used for healing and cleansing for centuries and aids to restore, balance
and detach unhealth attachments, also great for if you have a cold!

The white sage clusters can be individually burned, (please use extreme caution). light one side of the cluster allow to burn for approximatly 5 second and blow out the flame, the smoke will be released into the air for you to cleanse the room, crystals or yourself.

Another way of using this is in a fireproof incense dish place some of the clusters or leaves in the dish and light carefully, then again blow out the flame and let the smoke infuse the room.

When you have finished with the sage smother gently.

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