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Rose quartz polished tumblestones


Rose quartz polished tumblestones, love forgiveness and compassion.

Rose quartz is a great beginner crystal due to the fact that it helps to promote self love and confidence as well as compassion for others.

Being linked to the heart chakra rose quartz helps to replace toxic emotions. It is a great crystal for helping to forgive as it helps clear the mind and brings clarity, balance and harmony. It also helps raise your self esteem, restore your confidence and balance your emotions.

To cleanse your rose quartz you can use rain water by leaving it outside on a rainy day,water from a stream, or moon water (you can leave in water for up to 3 days in a non metalic container), salt water (although only leave for a maximum of 24 hours in salt water), you could also use smudge sticks or incense pass the crystal through the smoke, use sunlight (maximum of four hours) or moonlight.

As these are natural stones they do vary is size and shape, the stone you will receive will weigh between 10 & 22g

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